The Titleist Performance Institute

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) assessment consists of a series of physical screenings which help identify limitations in a golfer’s swing. Such limitations might include range of movement limitation, stability or control. Identifying these factors gives the player and professional a baseline from which they can work to improve the golf swing, to help prevent injury, or to assist with the rehabilitation if an injury exists.

The golf swing encompasses several different components; multi-joint involvement, stability of core muscles, correct timing. This makes golf one of the most intricate and demanding sports. Without having any specific injury, the TPI screening will help maximise body mechanics to result in an efficient and productive swing. When a player exhibits pain during their golf swing, an accurate screening of their swing is crucial in aiding full recovery from injury.

As a Physiotherapist working in a golfing environment, it is commonplace to treat golfers with musculoskeletal dysfunctions, particularly low back and shoulder pain. Assessment and treatment requires careful analysis of movement patterns in order to identify areas requiring specific rehabilitation. Many golfers will experience limitations that they will be unable to overcome without professional help, which is where an expert screening will be of most benefit. For example, low back pain; there are many conventional methods of treatment; heat, stretching, massage and rest, which may give short term relief but the pain will persistently flare up as you return to play. In this instance you are relieving the symptoms at that time, but not identifying the limitation in your golf swing which is contributing to your back pain. It may be the result of many factors such as having an “S” posture at address, restriction of thoracic spine range of movement, weakness of gluteal muscles contributing to loss of stability or the reverse “C” finish at the end of the downswing. This is where a combination of Physiotherapy and a TPI assessment will enable full rehabilitation back to playing golf injury free.

Physiotherapy alone will help the golfer to overcome their injury, and to return to playing as soon as rehabilitation will allow. Physiotherapy combined with an individualised TPI assessment will enable a golf-specific treatment to be implemented, allowing the golfer not only to return to playing injury free, but with an improved golf swing. It also enables continuity of treatment and rehabilitation through liaison with golf professionals, ensuring a dynamic, team driven treatment approach for the golfer.

Specific physiotherapy treatments may include manual therapy of joints and soft tissue, individualised exercise, taping, electrotherapy and cyrotherapy. Outcome measures, which are Physiotherapy and TPI specific, are always utilised in order to track your progression. These will be subjective, in terms of your pain levels, and objective in terms of your function.

Forget ignoring any aches or pains you are experiencing on the golf course, get yourself assessed and treated by a TPI certified Physiotherapist and reap the benefits with pain free golf, and a lower handicap!