Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Points are hypersensitive spots in skeletal muscle that are associated with pain referral patterns. This means that the point of pain actually spreads to other areas in your body. Trigger Points are a palpable, local contraction (otherwise known as a muscle knot) in a small number of muscle fibers and are a common cause of pain.

There are more than 620 potential Trigger Points in human muscles, sometimes clustering together. The term was coined by Dr Janet Travell in the early 1940's and the technique was used to treat John F Kennedy during his Presidency.

They can be caused by a multitude of factors – acute or chronic muscle overload, activation from other points, disease, stress, inflammation, infection, smoking and direct or accident trauma.

Trigger points may affect your golf swing because they disrupt proper muscle activation patterns. When there is dysfunction in a proximal body segment (close to the midline of the body), distal segments (far from the midline of the body) have to change workloads in order to preserve movement outcomes. In other terms, an active trigger point in the middle of the back will affect how the associated elbow and wrist muscles work.

Trigger points are released by applying pressure and working within your pain tolerance levels. Your therapist will guide you through this. Stretching is an important part of treatment, either performed in clinic or you will be sent home with a specific regime.